In today's working world that is radically changing, many of us do not want to wait the “midlife crisis” to find the job that really fit to us and to become who we really are.

​Last year, in 2017, I traveled in 6 European countries, meeting people who live another idea of work than the traditional career in a big group where success often means moving up the hierarchy. These persons who believe that work is above all a way to grow, and whose everyday life is a proof of it, are highly inspiring for anyone wishing to improve his working life (wether wanting to quit one's company or to reinvent one's work in one's current organization).


At the age of 27 and after 4 years experiencing small and big companies, I have learned that in today’s structures, fulfillment through work is difficult and even sometimes not seen as part of the working life! At the beginning of my professional life, I refuse to resign myself and I believe that it is not only possible but also beneficial for the society. Fulfillment means knowing his talents and using them in the realization of a mission in which we believe and fitting to our values. The world more than ever needs individuals aware of what they can bring to the society and convinced that taking action makes happy.

On my way: men and women working in organizations where they have the freedom to put their ideas into action for the purpose of the company’s mission, young professionals unhappy of the hierarchical companies deciding to create themselves the conditions in which they would like to work, persons who experiment the universal income and therefore do not work anymore for the only purpose of earning money… Possibilities of tomorrow’s world are multiple and are being built today.

Each of us could find his place in it to become who he really is.

Fleur Casassus


Each of us is responsible of his own happiness. Based on a good knowledge of ourself, we know what we can bring to the society. Let us not become what the society tells us what we should be.



We are in an age where our choices can have an impact on the other part of the planet, and it will sooner or later come back to us. More than a human quality, altruism is today a necessity.



It is veritably the fuel of our actions. Being optimist means trusting the positive impact of what we do. It means believing that everything is not done if we take actions here and now.


The project

My values

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Meeting pioneers of the future of work
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Share inspiring way of working

Light on the persons for who work makes sense, on innovative way of working… through video interviews and articles.

Create a community of optimistic workers

Mutual help, sharing ideas, sharing personal development tools,…

Walk the talk

Zero flight traveling, experimenting, listening, knowledge of myself


Starting on the 17th of april 2017 !

April : Austria
May : Germany
June : Denmark-Sweden

July : Finland
August - September : Greece

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